Artist Watchlist: Lindsey Thomsen aka DisneyDraw, Artist

Known on Instagram as DisneyDraw, Lindsey Thomsen is a 19 year old artist from the east coast. She is a self taught artist who specializes in drawing, well Disney characters! Today we’re profiling this talented young artist in our Artist Watchlist.

My favorite piece might have to be Baby Sulley (second above) for no other reason than he looks like me! All kidding aside it’s an adorable drawing of my favorite Monster’s Inc. character. How did Lindsey get so good? Well according to her the answer is practice;

I started the account as just an account where I could put some of my artwork. I loved doing cartoon character sketches because they seemed easier and more fun to me than working hours on realistic drawings. I had no idea that drawing every other day or so would help me improve, but practice really does make perfect.Lindsey Thomsen

What I think you’ll find most interesting is that Lindsey isn’t pursuing a career to draw with Disney. Instead she is currently in school taking art classes to decide if she wants to get into medical illustration. Whatever she does decide to do, I’m sure she’ll always have her options in anything art-related!

You can see more of Lindsey Thomsen’s work on her DisneyDraw Instagram account! What do you think of Lindsey Thomsen and her work? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Artist Watchlist is a series in which we profile the work of young, aspiring artists in various fields. In other words these are artists you need to watch!

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