How To Blend With PrismaColor Pencils

In this tutorial I will walk you through blending with PrismaColor pencils. Personally, I only use PrismaColor pencils. They can be a little pricey but they’re definitely worth the cost – they’re my goto product for blending colors.


There are plenty of ways to blend, but one of my favorite ways is with a blending stump and a little bit of baby oil. Yes, baby oil.

Blending PrismaColor Oil

Start out with drawing your design like you would any other design, whether it be pencil, pen, or Sharpie.


Once you’ve completed your design you can color it in with your colored pencils. When your colors are all in place, pour some baby oil into a cup and dip the tip of your blending stump into it. Be careful not to completely saturate it or you’ll soak the paper. You can basically act as if you’re coloring over your colors. I find it’s easier to blend in a circular motion, you’ll notice the color come together as it mixes with the oil and pressure of the stump.

When you want to add detail, as in make colors darker in certain spots or even mix multiple colors, you simply take your colored pencil and color the areas you would like darker and re-shade the area. It’s okay to color over the oil. Once you’ve added your second coat of color you can repeat with the baby oil until you’ve reached your desired shade of color. Once you’re finished, your color will be bright and even smell nice!


As you can see in this picture (sorry for the blur, photography wasn’t my strong point when doing this), I made a highlight in the hair. All you need for a simple highlight is to lightly shade the area with one color and after you blend with the oil, your next layer, or multiple layers make sure to leave some exposure of the one before.

Have you tried to blend colored pencils? What do you think about PrismaColor pencils?

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