Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors in This Hand-drawn Poster

Royce Williams is the man behind The Royce Project, an Instagram feed dedicated to all of Royce’s excellent drawing work and experimentations. Today we’re looking at this Ottawa native’s awesome hand-drawn Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors poster from start to finish.

The details throughout this entire piece are incredible. From the glare of the lights to the waves in the jerseys, you can tell this poster was done with a passion for art. Royce not only nails the like of Jay Z, Kevin Garnett, and DeMar DeRozan amongst others, but also details the logos and arenas of both teams! I actually love the way Royce thought to incorporate both Jay Z and Drake into supporting their hometown teams. It really pulls together the rivalry these basketball teams and their cities have. To top it off if you look at the final product, you’ll see Royce even detailed a GPS-like map of each stadium’s address. Here is a bit of what Royce had to say about the project;

I started the picture right in the middle of the NBA playoffs series between Brooklyn and Toronto. I was pretty hype because Toronto had made the playoffs for the first time in a long while, plus Jay Z and Drake had a short feud over some bars right around that time so it was only right I included them, even though Jay doesn’t own part of the Nets anymore. The pic[ture] came to me in my sleep and I just had to find the appropriate pieces to make the collage work.Royce Williams

I remember watching the Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors series a few months ago during the NBA playoffs and man was it exciting! This piece actually captured that excitement for me. I’m definitely a fan of Royce’s work here, now all I need for him is to put out a Knicks piece for me! What do you think about Royce Williams’ Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors poster?

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