Meet Juelz, Drawer & Painter

Juelz is an artist that specializes in drawing and painting. Not only is she talented, but passionate about her art and the reason she makes it. In this edition of Meet The Council you’ll learn all about Juelz and her art!

Starting with the basics how did you find out you had such talents to draw and paint? How old were you when you found out?

When I was in junior high I had to take two art classes. One was a 2D class of just regular pencil drawings and the other was a pretty cool 3D class where we actually had to duplicate an object in 3D. I had done a Tool album because one of my friends had their cd in their backpack, and I had forgotten to bring an object in that day. I was surprised at how amazing it turned out and I remember being really proud of it. I kind of lost touch with my passion for art through high school and replaced it with other things but picked it back up around the age of 19.

What’s your inspiration behind your work? Most interesting to me the piano tree.

Basically, I get inspired by whatever is going on in my life. My boyfriend is heavy into music so a lot of the time my art will have a musical twist. When I lost one of my best friends a lot of my art had wings or a heavenly theme incorporated. It really depends on what I’m going through or how I feel.

So then what exactly makes a piece amazing to you?

I think the most amazing part of a piece of art is when you can physically feel the expression in it.

With that being said is that your mission in every piece you create?

I don’t think people being able to feel it is necessarily a mission. When you’re creating off an emotion I think it’s basically for just that, your own emotion. You put them on paper to help cope with the negative or celebrate the positive. In a sense you’re only doing it for yourself when you have no other specific reason to create something. Whether or not a person viewing it can physically feel it is really up to them. Not everyone views art the same way. So to me, if I’m angry or sad the mission is for me to feel a sense of relief in the end because the emotion is no longer inside me, it’s inside the art.

Which piece of yours is most emotional/important to you?

I can easily say the canvas I painted, as a tribute to my best friend who passed away is hands down the most important to me. Design-wise it’s not my favorite as I have done much more elaborate pieces. However, the reasoning behind its existence is the reason it will forever be the most important to me.

Juelz - Mike Bauer Tribute Canvas
Juelz – Mike Bauer Tribute Canvas

So which is your favorite piece design-wise?

The first canvas I ever painted that required shading. It was a sugar skull face and sometimes i stare at it and still wonder how or if I could ever do it again.

What’s your primary workspace like?

I usually draw or paint in my living room. Usually when no one is around so it’s quiet and I can get lost in my art. I have all my paint tubes on a bookshelf in color order and my pencils all sharpened in an art box. Don’t mind my OCD.

Alright so we know when it comes to drawing and painting you’re talented. What other industries or fields of art would you like to get into in the future?

I love baking, mostly for the design aspect. I make adorable cupcakes for holiday work parties that are always a hit. I’m also pretty addicted to make up, a little more than your average girl. I love playing with eye shadow, mixing, blending colors, and overall making girls feel and look beautiful.

Best advice for anyone looking to get into drawing and painting?

My advice for anyone looking to get into any form of art would be to simply let go. There are no rules to art. Self-expression is free. So express yourself because no matter how it turns out – good, bad, or ugly it’s still art.

What made you become a part of ThinkDope?

I won’t pretend that art is absolutely my entire life, and I won’t claim to be the best artist around. When I was presented with this opportunity I took it because it’s something I do to relax. If I can help people to create and feel half as good as I do when I’m creating, well, that’s reason enough for me.

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