Montana Marker Mini-Review & Test Drawing

I’ve wanted to try Montana Markers for so long now. I always use Sharpie Paint Pens, and those work great but none the less, I finally got my hands on some Montana Markers. One of my coworkers happened to have her plain pink tablet case with her and was kind enough to let me decorate for this Montana Marker mini-review! Take a look…

Like an idiot I didn’t buy a black Montana Marker, so I had to substitute the outline with a Sharpie. I wasn’t taking the chance of screwing the design up on something that couldn’t be erased or torn out of a book so, as always, I drew on the case with a pencil.

Montana Marker Mini-Review Pencil Outline

Then of course I outlined with the Sharpie and let it dry a few minutes after because Sharpies sometimes like to smudge on certain surfaces – leaving you dirty & annoyed.

Montana Marker Mini-Review Sharpie Outline

Now the fun begins! To start any kind of paint pen you have to shake the pen and press down a few times to get the paint flowing. Once the tip turned to color I was able to color in the design. I had to let it dry and add another coat because one wasn’t enough, it was still a little uneven. A second coat was all it needed. I also added a quick highlight around the edges to make it pop.

Montana Marker Mini-Review Finished

I love these markers because the colors are so vibrant. They also glide smoothly creating a beautiful look on the surface. What’s even better? They’re refillable!

Stay tuned for some more Montana Marker Magic! What do you think I should make with them?

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