Making a Tagged Canvas for a Toddler Walkthrough

I happen to know a sassy little 4 year old who loves her name and girly colors. I wanted to make her a tagged canvas with her name to put in her room, but I had a little trouble with the girly colors part because if you know me at all, you know I’m far from “girly”. In the end I figured it out and came up with a color scheme I think will make her happy!

I wanted to keep it simple yet fun, so I came up with these flourishes for the top and bottom of the piece to center her name a bit. I kept them black to sort of break up all the colors. Of course I drew it out on paper first with a Sharpie, that way while painting the canvas if I had any design ideas I could test them out on the paper first. This way if they weren’t very good ideas, I could simply not do them.

Tagged Canvas Paper Sketch

I added the flourishes onto the canvas first so that if any part of it needed to be fixed I could just paint over it with the background color and touch it up when I go over it with my Sharpie Paint Pen.

Tagged Canvas Flourishes

Unsure of what color I would actually be filling her name in at that point, I also drew on her name before adding the background color. Once I got her name on the canvas I figured I would then start the background color. I gave her a sassy purple shade.

Tagged Canvas Background

I now had to figure out what colors would go with this purple, so since I was still unsure of what color to use inside of the letters, I added the highlight around her name. Usually I do that last, but it doesn’t hurt to do it first either. I was trying to think girly and of course pink came to mind. However I didn’t like the idea of pink next to purple, I had already highlighted in blue so doing that inside the letters was a bust. I thought maybe I could do a different purple shade. I got to mixing my purple with white and started on the bottom.

I got halfway up and had to mix more color, I then realized it looked kind of cool with a two-tone fade. I didn’t want to leave it pure white so I added a ton of white paint to the purple to keep it tinted and started at the bottom and brought the color down. I don’t do this often so it is far from perfect.

Making a Tagged Canvas for A Toddler Fadded

When the color was on and the paint was all dry, all I had left to do was grab my black Sharpie Paint Pen and clean up the edges and re-outline a few things and it would be good to go.

Tagged Canvas Finished

I can’t wait to see her face when she gets the canvas! Do you have an idea you’d like me to tag for you? Let me know in the comments or through Instagram!

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