How to Make a Personalized Memorial Canvas

Today I will show you how I replicated the infamous Wu-Tang Clan logo with my added personal touch. In these pictures you’ll see it was fairly easy to do, however when painting what needs to be a straight line I find that using paint tape is always key. I find it best to start with the dark colors first because it’s much easier to add your bright colors and in the event you get some on the dark it can always be covered. Whereas covering a dark color on top of a bright one is frustrating and next to impossible with acrylics. Check out the process below to create your own personalized Wu-Tang Clan logo canvas.

What You’ll Need

  • Canvas
  • Paint Pens
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Acrylic Paint (Yellow & Black)
  • Pencil & Kneaded Eraser

Lay It Out On Canvas

I started by drawing out the Wu-Tang clan logo in the center of my canvas. If your freehand drawing isn’t that good you can always print/cut out a stencil of the logo. Remember to use a kneaded eraser if you make a mistake! After drawing it out, I painted the outside of the logo black.

Drawn Out & Reverse Painted Logo
Drawn Out & Reverse Painted Logo

As you can see above, I added my personal memorial details in addition to putting a bar where I want to add more words later. Don’t worry if it looks a little rough around the edges after painting, we’ll fix that next.

Paint The Logo

Now it’s time to paint the inside of the logo. I just took my yellow acrylic paint and filled it. When your canvas requires a lot of writing and you feel you don’t have a steady enough hand, I always suggest paint pens. They come out so much cleaner than using a paint brush and come in almost every color. I used a paint pen to add the name on the inside of the logo.

Painted Logo & Personal Details
Painted Logo & Personal Details

Tape Up & Fill in Details

I used my painters tape and placed is slightly above my rough bar and painted black a little over it, this smoothes it out to make the edges look sharp. I used a yellow paint pen to write “In Loving Memory Of”.

Touched Up & Added Details
Touched Up & Added Details

Finishing Up

This is when we’ll make any touch ups with some black paint (or paint pen if you prefer). Make the logo look smoother and add any additional details.

Finished Memorial Wu-Tang Canvas
Finished Memorial Wu-Tang Canvas

Memorial canvases are definitely not my favorite thing to do, for obvious reasons. However, when I had my interview and I was asked what makes a piece amazing to me; I explained the most amazing part is when you can physically feel the expression inside it. Most people would probably just feel like this is a nice customized hip hop group logo, but any person who has been involved in some way with the person who’s name is on the canvas feels much more. They feel sadness when they see that name and they realize all over again the tragedy that has touched their lives. They also feel happiness in seeing the whole picture and [for this particular canvas for example] remembering memories such as how much he liked this music, or how happy his reaction would be if he were able to see it for himself. They picture his face and maybe hear his voice. Something as simple as a canvas can do just that. Never be afraid to do your homework on a person to achieve the desired emotion. In the end it’s the greatest gift you can give!

Rest In Peace Luke Pratesi. Gone But Never Forgotten.

How did you fare following the steps above? I’d love to see your results below!

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