HomlessFonts: Ending Poverty with Fonts

Today’s inspiration is going to be a bit different than usual. HomelessFonts is an inspirational project because not only is it art, but it aids those less fortunate financially. The video above is in Spanish (with subtitles), but in short this project takes the handwriting of the homeless to create typefaces (fonts), which are sold to companies and the profits are used to benefit those homeless people supported by the foundation.

The Arrels Foundation runs the HomelessFonts project to aid those on the streets. The basic concept behind the project comes from the signs that homeless people hold. A lot of fortunate people ignore those same signs and disregard what they say, but every sign is made up of a unique handwriting.

The truth is that everyone’s handwriting is unique in some way. Some handwriting tells a story, some show personality, and others are just beautiful to look at. The same handwriting that is used to make signs out of desperation can be turned into something beautiful digitally that will be seen and appreciated. Thus the cost of the typeface for others puts money into the homeless’ pockets.

Here are some of the typefaces produced by this project;

Loraine's Typeface on HomelessFonts
Luis' Typeface on HomelessFonts
Guillermo's Typeface on HomelessFonts

If you’re a designer and see a font you can use then definitely hop on over to HomelessFonts and purchase a license, they start at €19 (aprox. $25.50). You’ll also be able to see the story behind each specific handwritten typeface.

It’s definitely good to see that artists can help others become typeface designers to get them into better positions. HomelessFonts is based in Spain, but why don’t we do something like this in America? I think this could be a successful project here too. Have you seen projects like HomelessFonts? Let me know in the comments so I could look into and feature them in the future.

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