LiveShare PS Takes Photoshop to New Heights [Freebie Friday]

Anyone who works in Photoshop and has clients knows the pain of sharing project updates. This involves re-saving for web, uploading, and sending to the client every single time, even for the smallest of updates. InVision’s LiveShare PS eliminates this time-consuming task and allows you to run design meetings straight from Photoshop itself.

How does LiveShare PS actually work? Flawlessly. All you have to do is install the extension and open it while working on a project. From there you hit the “Start LiveShare” button and your browser will open with a link you can give to your client or collaborators.

Once in a LiveShare is where the magic happens. You and anyone in the meeting can click, comment, and draw on the project while discussing it. This is extremely useful because sometimes you and others may misunderstand a spot that needs fixing – resulting in more time exporting and sending updates when not using LiveShare PS.

LiveShare PS Meeting in Action
LiveShare PS Meeting in Action

A similarly awesome feature is the ability to send still snapshots to a client, which they can markup with drawings and comments. Just click the picture of your project in the extension window and LiveShare PS does all the work!

LiveShare PS Snapshot
LiveShare PS Snapshot

The last of three big futures is similar to the previously mentioned Design Duet, the ability to send a still snapshot straight to mobile devices or email. Just hit the “Mobile Mirroring” tab at the bottom and enter your number (or email). It works to perfection! You can see this feature as well as the other two in action on the video below;

LiveShare PS is an amazing plugin for Photoshop that I can’t wait to use to impress my clients. Best of all it won’t cost me a dime! The only downside to LiveShare PS is that it’s only available to those who use Photoshop CC 2014 on Mac OS X, but if you fit that profile this is a must download.

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