5 Inspirational Inventions That Would Make Any Mother Proud

Now some of these may sound silly and borderline impossible (today!), but as history has shown us, the human quest for comfort and discovery of the next big thing has inspired most to create things that have transformed the course of human existence forever. You don’t have to be an engineer or technology major to create the next big thing, this list just serves as inspiration to get out there and CREATE!

1. Rocket Shoes

The invention that could change the way we look at transportation forever. No more wars on oil. No more debates on solar or wind energy. People can now take to the sky and travel the globe or crosstown as rockets travel through space. Now if only someone could create sky spheres like the ones that exist in Spyro.

2. Food Materializer

Are you tired of waiting in long lines for your food? No gas in your car to pick up a bite to eat? Fret no more! With a food materializer you can now have whatever meal you want at moment’s notice from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. End world hunger today!

3. Time Travel Machine

A device that can take back that one night of drunken sex with the person you said you would never in a million years sleep with. Enough said.

4. Human-Animal Translator

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could know what the topic of the conversation was at night when dogs suddenly decide to get to howling and barking? What if you could chime in? Would it not be incredible to speak and understand life between all species on the planet? Having an intelligent conversation with animal life would undoubtedly change the way we existed on this Earth forever.

5. Re-Deconstructing Clothing

I mean clothes that put on and take off themselves. This is just perfect for those early mornings and late nights when you just aren’t all the way there. When you’re laying so comfortably in bed but your feet are burning up. What if your sock just split into two and found its way into your waste basket? What more is there to life?

If you have an idea, however grandiose or farfetched it may sound, stick with it! Never allow yourself to be discouraged by others who don’t even have half the gumption to enter inconvenient spaces of creativity or experiment with the risk of failure. As Albert Einstein once said;

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.Albert Einstein

Take a chance. You could very well be the gateway to a new and exciting future. That courage to never give up and continually try is a noble quality for anyone to have. And that, would make any mother proud.

These are inventions I thought of as creative inspirations to inspire others to create. Just try it! What crazy futuristic inventions can you think of?

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