How To Make Creative Pumpkins for Halloween

Everyone knows when you think of Halloween, one of the first things that comes to mind is pumpkins. I know the traditional thing to do is to carve them around this time of year, but I have little to no interest in ripping all the goo and guts from the inside of them. I do the next best [and much less messier] thing. Painting your own creative pumpkins!

I try to stick to the Halloween theme when deciding what to paint on a pumpkin. You’ll see in the cover photo above there are many different faces to choose from. In this walkthrough I’ve decided to showcase the Mummy as it seems to be the favorite for most people. When I start this kind of face I try to draw on first, with my Sharpie Paint Pen, where the eyes will be. Keep in mind what you’re drawing on now will more than likely be painted over. However, I like to have an idea of what is going where.

How To Make Creative Pumpkins for Halloween - Mummy Outline

If you’re using acrylic paint, like I did, it’s going to take a few coats before you get a nice solid color. Be patient, it’ll get there.

How To Make Creative Pumpkins for Halloween - Mummy White

Once your color is nice and solid, you can take a black paint pen and basically re-draw your original outline for the eyes. After you’ve drawn the eyes you can basically start drawing lines around them. Keep in mind when you draw one line, have another one run parallel to it to
give it that strip of cloth effect.

How To Make Creative Pumpkins for Halloween - Mummy Lines

After you have a few solid strips you can add random lines throughout to look as if they go in and out of the bold strips.

How To Make Creative Pumpkins for Halloween - Mummy Top

You can pick any eye color you desire and add it around the black eye you have created. That will also take a few coats, but when you step back and are pleased with the look of your wrappings and eyes, your final step is to darken in the area around the eyes as well as where you’ve placed a gap for the mouth to give it that dark-covered look. Once you’ve completed that you’re done! Now you have this cute face to enjoy through the season.

How To Make Creative Pumpkins for Halloween - Mummy Finished

Let me see your Mummy and other creative pumpkins in the comments!

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