Artist Spotlight: Tattoo Artist Amalia Wendell

Amalia Wendell is an experienced and talented tattoo artist from Long Island, NY. She owns her own shop, Royalty Tattoo, where she specializes in coverups and super clean line work. Today we’re profiling Amalia Wendell in our latest edition of Artist Spotlight.

Amalia has a versatile skill that is rare amongst tattooers – she gives no excuses or limitations to her work. Whether the client wants to do a new school design, a Japanese design, a coverup, their eyelid, or something never before done, she’s up for it. That’s an admirable trait for an artist of any kind.

We’ve all seen great tattoos before, but Amalia’s work strikes me because she consistently puts out A+ tattoos for all of her clients. Let’s check out some of her work;

While we were talking, Amalia admitted to me that she picks up the slack from her competition;

I do what most tattooers are afraid to do. I take on the cover ups that no one else will touch, one’s they call ‘uncoverable’. There’s no such thing as a tattoo that can’t be covered. I love when a client walks in and says they have been to 7 other artists and ‘no one will do it for me’. If we don’t do it who is supposed to? It’s our job to know how to tattoo any body part and rework or cover any tattoo.Amalia Wendell

Those are some powerful words from a creative entrepreneur who has already made a big wave tattooing names like Chrisette Michele and Jeff Fabb (Black Label Society‘s Drummer). If you’re looking to see more of her work or might want to hire her for a piece you can check in with her shop’s Facebook.

What do you think of Amalia Wendell’s work? Sound off in the comments below!

Artist Spotlight is a ThinkDope series that highlights successful and accomplished artists in their industry. Send us an email if you know a talented and successful artist that fits our profile.

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2 Responses to “Artist Spotlight: Tattoo Artist Amalia Wendell”

  1. Joe Ferrante

    Amalia is amazing. She’s currently doing a half sleeve for me which covers up an old tattoo and I couldn’t be happier. All her suggestions are spot on too. Once she does a piece, any doubt you had in how the idea sounded is completely gone. It always looks amazing. This chick rocks! Super cool too.

  2. I have had both arms done by Amalia. She fixed a of my Haggered ass tattoos that I got done while I was in the military and made them look amazing. 2 full sleeves later and I will never see another artist as long as I live. She’s the best.


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