A3C 2014 Recap: Day 2 – Films, Panels, & Showcases

Day two of A3C was popping and included a busy day full of films, a panel, and two showcases. Head on down to find out all about our second day of A3C!

We kicked off our A3C day by hitting up the VIP lounge upstairs for some breakfast and light networking. The first stop was the Media That Matters: The Digital Frontier For Content Creators screening/panel. Unfortunately the panel part of it was canceled, but we saw a cool short (Men Ain’t Boy).

A3C 2014 Recap: Day 2 - Screening

Then we headed over to the Get Money: Crowdfunding for Hip-Hop panel, which was super dope and we learned a lot about crowdfunding for a future project we’re working on. The biggest takeaway from the panel was that you need to be as authentic and specific as possible with what you’re trying to do.

A3C 2014 Recap: Day 2 - Panel

Afterwards we bailed for some food and came back to hit of the mixer and do a little networking. Fast-forwarding a few hours later we hit up The Department Store (yes that’s really the venue’s name, no I can’t find them on social media to tag them) for The Bar Exam and 416 Season showcases. From J-Live to King Reign there were so many dope performances we’ve seen and definitely found a few artists we’ve become fans of!

A3C 2014 Recap: Day 2 - Showcases

Today will be our heaviest load of A3C activities – including our own showcase! We’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

ThinkDope’s daily A3C 2014 Recap is a mini-series that covers the 2014 A3C (All 3 Coasts) hip hop festival in Atlanta!

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