Behind The Keys: Nate Fox

From construction worker to hit producer, Nate Fox easily makes it onto my list of respected producers. Nate Fox never imagined this hobby he started at 14, would introduce him to the career of his life. All it took was one person to tell Nate Fox that his first song ever was cool, and that feeling of having someone like your art was enough for him to dedicate his life to it.

Nate Fox is so dedicated to making beautiful musical art that he didn’t mind slaving away as a construction worker in order to save money to support his music career. When he could just push out [wacker] beats to pay for the move into the music industry, Nate Fox makes music with soul and lets the beat come to him. Using his soul to make soulful beats is what got Nate Fox into the executive producer spot for Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap.

Being introduced to Chance at the SXSW festival, the two already knew of each other. When visiting Chicago, Nate brought some beats to the studio and Chance listened to a few. A few weeks later is when Nate got the call to be executive producer. Nate Fox makes those super soulful beats, you know the ones that make you feel like you’re floating through space in-between stars. He doesn’t over power his tracks with punchy bass (although I do love my bass), but it works for him. Creating a track using a symphony of instruments, plus minimalistic drums makes Juice one of my favorite tracks produced by Nate Fox.

Juice is that track, that lets the Chance The Rapper’s lyrics flow and be heard to a perfect ambiance of smooth horns that don’t overwhelm. Although it’s not-bass heavy like my usual favorites, Nate Fox makes the soul work for him. The occasional guitar riff and minimalistic drum pattern also makes this the perfect song to get a drink and cigar to end the night under the stars and just daze out to.

When dazing out I wonder what is next for this promising producer. It’s not hard to imagine a singer like Trey Songz voice singing over one of Nate Fox’s tracks. For sure Nate Fox is primed to trade in his construction tools for a toolbox full of samples instead. Keep doing your thing Nate Fox – we’re looking forward to more track to keep our souls alive.

What’s your favorite track produced by Nate Fox? Tell me in the comments below!

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