Clinton LG unleashes Population Control

Clinton LG is a hip hop artist from Jersey City that has been dropping some seriously dope music the last few years. We featured a track from Clinton in last month’s Digital Digging, but now he’s back with his newest release, Population Control.

Population Control was originally supposed to be part 2 to Clinton’s episodic series, Midweek Mayhem, but when things started to take too long he turned it into a full album. Population Control features 10 tracks with original production from some of my favorite underground producers like CASANOVA and The Kid Coke. Enough of me check out the music below;

My favorite track off of Population Control is definitely the title track, Population Control. It has that soulful vibe that has been lacking from most artists lately. It’s not just the beat, but the lyrics Clinton spits talking about his feelings on current music. I won’t lie, it may take a few listens to catch all the double entendres and punchlines, but that’s what music is about – discovery! My second favorite was #BetterBarsFoundation (Part II) because of it’s fast-paced rhyme schemes and beat.

While chopping it up I asked Clinton where Population Control comes from, here is what he had to say;

The album explores the underlying messages behind modern mainstream music, particularly hip hop, and how it effects its core audience. Many contemporary artists have gone on record to say that music is entertainment and shouldn’t be taken at face value. While I agree that it is entertainment, I can’t ignore nor underestimate its power to influence negatively and positively. So in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, that’s where the title “Population Control” comes from.Clinton LG

As always, I’m looking forward to see what’s next for Clinton LG! If you loved Population Control remember to support him and buy the digital copy! You can find more of Clinton’s music by keeping up with him on SoundCloud and Twitter.

Are you feeling Clinton LG’s Population Control? Sound off in the comments below!

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