Digital Digging: December

In December’s Digital Digging we have a whole lot of new music. We take a look at some artists from LA, New Orleans, Atlanta, and more.

Kara Juélz – Great To Great

I love Great To Great because it’s an inspirational type of track to boost your morale. It’s the type of hip hop track that’ll give you the feeling of self confidence. On a side note, Kara Juélz has some serious talent. Her voice, flow, lyrics – it’s all on point.

Redlite – Outro

This Wu-Tang inspired track comes off of Redlite’s mixtape, JoyxPainxRain. The dark, head-nodding, beat and Redlite’s smooth flow make this track a no-brainer to me. It’s the type of music that keeps me moving while working.

AMTRAC – Those Days (Original Mix)

Switching paces for a minute, I thought I’d drop an EDM track in this month’s Digital Digging. This mix from AMTRAC is the perfect balance of exciting and tame – like driving music. In fact, I kind of picture this mix playing while doing a few laps in Forza.

Louie Ave – No Time For Myself

Moving back to hip hop we have No Time For Myself. This track is about grinding and making moves for you and your family so that you don’t have the time to waste or party with. I love these type of inspirational tracks. Oh and the sample in the beat is lovely!

KR – Dearly Beloved

Wrapping it up for this month, you know I had to pull out something smooth. This track is one of those “kicking game” tracks, but it’s the perfect vibe to relax to. Is it me or does KR kind of sound like a young Kendrick Lamar on this one?

Header image based on “Crate Digging (5/365)” by Sal, CC-BY-2.0.

Digital Digging is our monthly series where we roundup 5 dope music tracks we’ve found digging through the virtual crates of the Internet.

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