Digital Digging: January

In January’s Digital Digging we take a look at some artists from the east coast!

Everett L. – Boom Bap Baby

I love me some Boom Bap. For those of you not familar with the term, it’s a subgenre of hip hop where the drums hit hard and the beat has that grimey melody with a dope sample. This is an ode to that Boom Bap music, so love it!

Sado-San – Turn Up Villian

What I love about this track is the “vintage” rap feeling. No it doesn’t sound that old, but it has an Illmatic vibe. It’s like a throwback Nas record placed in the modern day era.

Devon Baldwin – Blame

Devon Baldwin’s voice fits the instrumental so perfectly. The track may be about realtionship problems and placing blame, but that won’t stop me from vibing out to this on my relaxation time.

J1ROTY – The Lyfestylez

I really like J1ROTY’s sound – probably because it’s the traditional New York sound that we all know and love. This track is off of his listen-worthy Long OverDue Mixtape! Trust me it won’t be long before you hear more from this kid.

Father Dude – Big Picture

Wrapping it up we have this super dope motivational Pop-ish R&B record produced by !llmind from Father Dude. The track flows perfectly and speaks to going for your dreams and completing the “big picture”. This would be perfect for a movie or HBO/Starz show.

Header image based on “Crate Digging (5/365)” by Sal, CC-BY-2.0.

Digital Digging is our monthly series where we roundup 5 dope music tracks we’ve found digging through the virtual crates of the Internet.

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