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St. Louis Electro Hip Hop artist and producer, Mvstermind of M.M.E, is having a great 2014. After a successful trip to Brooklyn, NY to perform for MCA DAY (a celebration of Beastie Boy’s Adam Yauch) and a trip to the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Detroit, Mvstermind has been working behind the scenes extensively on MME artist Con’s Solstice album And Tony Walker’s Broke and Almost Famous project. Don’t be fooled by his abstract ideologies and love for Pokemon – Mvstermind’s love for Hip Hop, euphoria, and drive to be the best sustains him as one of the top up-and-coming musicians in today’s music scope.

Speaking from a fan’s point of view, how would you describe Mvstermind and his music?

Positive, humble. Creative artistically Trill-Dreaming ass musical genius. Not a genius yet though. Almost, almost.

Does your ADD play a key role into your creative side as far as music and art?

Hmmmm. I suppose technically it does, naturally in ways that I don’t even notice. But truth be told, I’m telling you I don’t have ADD or what ever those folks in that office claimed I had back when I was six. That’s the reason why I made up A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming – my debut album) in the first place. That’s my brain. That’s just how it works, and it works for me to be a musician, a dreamer, and a thinker. Just because my brain patterns might not go with the flow of societal norms, that makes me, me.

Tons of thoughts racing and ideas ever flowing. I might be in denial nonetheless, but it’s me – my brain process is my music process. As musicians, especially producers or people who play instruments, you can seek ones’ personality out the music, even just in patterns and choice of instruments. The brain is a powerful, distinguishable tool. Listen to my music and you can pick my brain. Probably more than what I can. I hope i answered this question somewhat right. If not, blame it on my A.D.D.

What was one of the biggest hurdles you’ve had to jump through so far in your career?

I’m still suspended in the air attempting to land that current jump, I’ll tell you once I crack the code.

What was it like to be the only performing musician performing at MCA Day in Brooklyn this year?

It was humbling. It’s truly an honor to hit the stage to rock out in tribute to one of the most positive folks who has graced the planet, MCA, Adam Yauch. At first when I found out I was the only performing in the tribute I was a little confused, I was like “YO! What about those other super-cold folks who might be a closer representation?” But it wasn’t about that, they were like “No, we want MME”. And yes, we make different sounding music by far, but I believe they see the same vision from our music. A young group, breaking barriers and boundaries making super-cold music. We follow the same formula pretty much as The Beastie Boys, by not following the commercial general formula. Form our own lane.

The creativeness of the Beastie Boys definitely rubbed off on me at a young age, and probably subconsciously on most musicians today. They paved the way outside of the box. It was an amazing experience, plus the staff of MCA was incredible. Mike Kearney, JP, Danny Boy, Cey Adams – it like these folks actually knew the lyrics to my songs, and were like the hypest ones in the crowd. So major, shoutout to Brooklyn and Image Unlimited!

Which of your songs is your favorite and why?

PWOAU (Popping Wheelies On a Unicycle) has to have been one of my favorite songs I’ve ever produced and written. That current stage that I was at in my life, like PWOAU, was the “breaking the barrier” moment. It was defeating any insecurity, any false hope, any fear, and any challenge. The world was mine from that moment on. It’s personally a powerful song, and I hope it can reach out to folks and do what it did/does for me.

As humans, we seem to place limitations to what we can and cannot do, therefore it prevents us from ever knowing if it’s possible or not. And the truth be told, it probably wasn’t even my best delivery compared to other songs, but looking back and seeing the growth and seeing the vision that I had and what it play out is incredible. Plus I sampled an 8-bit sine synth straight out of my GameBoy, into the interface. and turned it into a synthesizer in Reason. That creative process, which led me to making the lead synth and backing for that song, is what got me started into making my own synths. One of these days, I’ll come out with a “Mvstermind Synthesizer Sound Pack” or something. Yup Yup, you heard it here first.

Switching it up. Art touches people and helps them in different ways, but what does art mean to you?

Art as in Visual Art? Love it. It’s another beautiful rare form of expression of one’s conscious. The way some folks brains are wired, only they can produce original artwork none other can do. Probably as I get more free time in my career I would love to hop back into creating visual art and designing. I think creativity just runs in my family.

Thanks for your time, is there anything else you’d like to say?

RARE CANDY 2 is on the way. 1 LOVE and continue to ThinkDope folks! Thank you.

Photo Credit: Any Koh

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