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Typ iLL is not only a dope local hip hop artist that’s making a name for himself, but he’s a veteran who proudly served our country. Typ iLL recently dropped an EP and will be live in Atlanta for A3C to represent Long Island in the Golden Era Music showcase. We caught up with Typ iLL to chat about his newest release, what art means to him, and his advice for upcoming artists in this exclusive interview.

First I want to thank you for your service to our country. We’re proud to have you on ThinkDope. How did you get into making music and how’d come up with the name Typ iLL?

Music has always been apart of me so getting into it seemed to just come natural. I love what it’s about. Feelings, emotions, expression… the world survives off it. The name Typ iLL was given to me by my peers growing up in high school. The phrase was hot and so were my bars in the cafeteria. It has stuck with me since.

As a veteran, I admire that you protected our country for the sake of our freedom. As an artist, what is your biggest inspiration to keep making music?

My biggest inspiration to keep making music used to be to make it for me and for anyone who can relate, but now I have 2 little girls who give me a reason to keep pushing. I NEED to keep making music now. They inspire me to keep going and that is exactly what I plan to do.

According to you what is your biggest accomplishment in the music industry thus far? What else do you feel you want to accomplish?

My biggest accomplishment to date was getting some nice looks from the Source Magazine and other respected blogs such as HipHopDX and 2DopeBoyz. As a hip hop head I have always checked for these sites and now that I am on them it feels good. I’m working here! Also getting some nice views on my videos and getting to freestyle on Shade45 with the infamous Statik Selektah and DJ Tony Touch. It has been fun this year. I got some more accomplishments coming up – let me not jinx it though.

Your EP, The Turning Point, is available on iTunes and other digital retailers. In your own words what can listeners expect when tuning in?

Dope tracks, good message, realness. This truly is The Turning Point for me – pun intended! I told myself I would make this album and let the road go as it may. I would be able to gage where I am at in this game once the EP dropped. I think I am in a good place.

My favorite track off The Turning Point is Just Me. Your delivery in that track was fierce, what was it like working on that track?

It was real cool working on that joint. It felt right once it was done and that is a good feeling to have. When recording songs, if something doesn’t sit right with me, I don’t let the song out. Just Me was a good record for me and the Snowgoons, and Nature made it all the better. Big shout to both.

What do you have planned next for your career? Are you working on a follow up album and if so when can we expect to hear it?

I have a few things coming up bro. You’ll hear about it. One thing I can promise is it will be amazing.

As an artist touring and making big moves, what advice would you give to an artist getting started?

I give similar advice to a lot of artists coming up who ask me what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Hard work, expect to be let down, and take no prisoners. If you want something done with anything, not just music, you got to push. Only you know you and how you want things. This is a brutal game and you need to get kicked a few times. I am always prepared for the bull but I am also prepared for greatness. Those words seem to motivate these talented up and coming artists.

At ThinkDope we’re all about art because we believe it has the power to change the world.How important is art to you?

Art is everything. Art defines the individual. Art magnifies the differences in people, cultures, beliefs and it neutralizes negativity. Without art, life would be meaningless.

We’re going to cover A3C live and we know you’re performing. Where can fellow A3C attendees see you and what can we expect from that performance?

You can find me performing on the 11th [of October] on the Golden Era Music stage. Expect a good performance. I always look forward to rocking the stage and give it my all.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to linking up and seeing you perform at A3C! Do you have anything else you want to add?

Looking forward to it bro. Thank you for having me. I hope people continue to rock with me. #SoldierMC. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Salute to all the Hip Hop heads and the Patriots.

You heard it here. You can catch Typ iLL at A3C on October 11th and download his new EP The Turning Point on iTunes or Amazon! I bought it a few weeks ago and love it!

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