Artist Watchlist: Patrick Pomposello, Photographer

Patrick Pomposello might be a 24-year-old photographer from Long Island, New York, but he has a talent of capturing images from all over the Tri-State. From nature to concerts in the famous Webster Hall, Patrick can shoot it!

Patrick shoots with a Cannon 7D and various lenses as every professional photographer would. My favorite is between the beach and city shots, they’re so beautiful they would make perfect art on my wall!

Patrick has been shooting since he fell in love with photography at 13. He loves to shoot all sort of things like nature, cars, and his specialty, events. He detailed with me one of his favorite places to shoot;

One of my favorite places to shoot is NYC because of all the architecture and famous spots.Patrick Pomposello

Patrick hopes to take his photography career to the next level by going to the School of Visual Arts right here in the Big Apple and persuing a career as an event photographer. For now though you can check out more of his work at his portfolio.

What do you think of Patrick Pomposello and his work? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Artist Watchlist is a series in which we profile the work of young, aspiring artists in various fields. In other words these are artists you need to watch!

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One Response to “Artist Watchlist: Patrick Pomposello, Photographer”

  1. Michael

    Patrick brings passion and a fun sense of style to his shots. Well done.


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