Name Your Own Price: Must-Have Mac Bundle ft. Typinator

Anyone who owns an Apple computer knows that Mac OS X has some of the best apps of any platform. What’s better is when the developer community comes together to offer their useful apps in name your own price Mac bundles to benefit charity – and that’s the type of deal we have today!

From now until January 26th, you can get 9 of the best Mac apps in addition to a tutorial to master them all for a price you name. That’s right the power is in your hands. You name your own price above the average (which currently floats around $4) and a charity to get 10% of it. Helping charity, getting great apps, and paying a few dollars for $543 worth of product? Winning!

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Here’s a break down of the awesome 9 must-have Mac apps you’ll get in this Mac bundle;


Name Your Own Price: Typinator

Text expansion is a powerful tool which allows you to autocorrect misspellings, use short codes for writing and coding, and remember long lines of text. Typinator is one of the premier text expansion apps in the game.

  • Automatically insert frequently used text and graphics to increase your productivity
  • Creates predefined corrections for common typos and misspelled words
  • Works with all applications on your computer

Hotspot Shield VPN – 1 Year Elite Subscription

Name Your Own Price: Hotspot Shield VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are essential to anyone who works on public Wi-Fi. It keeps you safe by redirecting traffic through a secure service. It’s also super useful for regional web development testing and watching TV/Netflix out of your country! I would say it’s beneficial for those that torrent too, but you should be buying and supporting the creatives who work hard!

  • Unlimited bandwidth & support
  • Choose different virtual locations to gain universal access to content
  • 1 subscription can be used with up to 5 devices including PC, Mac, iOS & Android

Starry Night Enthusiast 7

Name Your Own Price: StarryNight

Starry Night is actually really fun to play with. Find your favorite constellation or browse for all the satellites you can find. I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in astronomy!

  • All exoplanets as 3D bodies with proper location, size, orbit, & planetary texture
  • Stunning new user interface with universal search function
  • 3500 unique descriptions of stars, planets, moons, satellites, exoplanets & more

Intensify Pro

Name Your Own Price: Intensify Pro

An image is worth a thousand words, right? Well it’s time to make your images worth 10,000 words. With Intensify Pro you can take pictures and boost them in ways that’ll make them more visually appealing. This works great whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned vet.

  • PSD (Photoshop Files) & RAW File Support
  • 4 Ways To Enhance Details – Pro Contrast, Structure, Details and Smart Sharpness
  • 5-Layer Support – Add multiple effect layers for the ultimate in creative flexibility
  • Image-Tuning Controls – Color temp, exposure, shadow recovery, saturation & more

Spotdox: 3 Year Subscription

Name Your Own Price: Spotdox

Spotdox is a Dropbox companion that makes ALL of your files accessible on EVERY computer you own. Is there really anymore I need to say on this one?

  • Access your Mac from any location or platform
  • Connector iOS app available
  • Send large files without using data

Data Backup 3

Name Your Own Price: Data Backup 3

Backing up your data is a must. Whether you’re a creative or an occasional computer user, your files, photographs, MP3s, movies, etc. are all at risk 24/7. Your data should exist in 3 different places or it doesn’t really exist. Data Backup 3 helps make this easy by allowing you to schedule and restore to a wide array of mediums including external storage and DVDs.

  • A powerful solution for backing up your digital life
  • Simple, powerful, and flexible interface
  • Back up your files with the click of a button
  • Auto-schedule backups so you never miss a beat


Name Your Own Price: Paperless

I’ve made it clear that entrepreneurs need to keep track of their financials. If you’re anything like me you throw all of your receipts into a box or drawer until tax time. It’s too stressful come April and it needs to change. Paperless is the app that will help me and you avoid this stress by keeping all of our receipts and paper files organized and tagged.

  • Eliminate boxes of cluttered paper and digitally store everything in this one intuitive application
  • Maintain the task of reducing your need for paper
  • Scan your documents into Paperless and instantly be able to find them
  • Create a searchable database for notes, documents, taxes, business cards, and more

MacJournal 6

Name Your Own Price: Mac Journal

Journaling is a great way to reduce stress and/or make yourself aware of your accomplishments. You can document your journey or pen your memoirs. What I really like about MacJournal 6 though is the ability to add pictures, files, audio, or videos to your entries. It’s also super cool that you can publish to blogging platforms too. It’s a journal app with so much more!

  • Add multimedia content: text, images, audio, video, and more
  • Password protect with a two-level process or encrypt your writing
  • Easily publish your writing to popular blog sites
  • Create entries or book chapters in a publisher-ready format


Name Your Own Price: Pixa

Pixa is the image management tool that Mac OS X should include by default. It auto tags things like color and size while fully integrating within your web browser to help grab screenshots. Oh and it manages a wide-array of file formats including PSD and Sketch.

  • Helps you quickly organize & manage all your image files so you can seamlessly find & share them
  • Auto tags useful information like colors, size, web addresses and more
  • Export & share images easily with full Dropbox, CloudApp and Imgur integration + standard sharing options
  • Includes a powerful yet easy-to-use tool so you can grab screenshots or snap full web page images

The Must-Have Mac App Tutorial

Name Your Own Price: Tutorial on All 9 Apps

Not only do you get the 9 apps I’ve mentioned above, but also tutorials on how to use them all! Skip over those first-use jitters and get to working with your new apps!

  • 9 app centric video tutorials
  • All the information you need to get the most out of your hot new apps

I always buy these name your own price bundle – especially the Mac bundles because between great apps and benefitting great charities you can’t really go wrong!

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