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Digital Digging: October Edition

Digital Digging: October

Introducing ThinkDope’s newest series, Digital Digging, where we roundup 5 songs we’ve found digging through the virtual crates of the Internet. In our inaugural edition I show some music from a few A3C artists I’ve discovered as well as some awesome tracks.

ThinkDope's A3C Playlist

ThinkDope’s Official A3C Playlist

For many of us at ThinkDope, hip hop has had a strong influence on our lives. For me personally it has been a guide – a way for me to keep calm and escape the noise around me. Between life and working hard on the site the noise has been getting hard to ignore, and […]

Comin' Outta Missouri Showcase - 2014 A3C Festival Stereo Assault / ThinkDope

Comin’ Outta Missouri Showcase at A3C!

We made the announcement that Ken and I will be covering A3C, but we also teased a second announcement. Here it is: Julian‘s Stereo Assault and ThinkDope are co-sponsoring our own showcase, Comin’ Outta Missouri, which includes artists such as Tef Poe and MME (that includes our very own Jermarco Britton). More details below!