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Garett Southerton

Meet Garett Southerton, Designer & Developer

Garett Southerton is not only the founder of ThinkDope, but also Desoulbel, his design and recording studio. With so much going on it’s amazing how he focused his time to build this platform for aspiring creatives. Let’s take a look at Garett in this exclusive interview!

Brooklyn Rapper ZEPS

Meet The Artist: Hip Hop Musician ZEPS

ZEPS is a hip hop artist from Brooklyn, NY that embodies the true meaning of an MC. He freestyles, he battles, he hosts shows, he makes songs, he practices his craft, and he does shows with no backtracks or lip-syncing. From Oslo to Jimmy Fallon, ZEPS has been making major moves and we caught up […]

Julian Keaton

Meet Julian Keaton, Musician & Manager

Julian Keaton is the man behind Stereo Assault, the RISE movement, and artists such as J’Demul, MME, and Souls of Liberty. Despite being only 22, Julian has been in the music industry for years as an artist, radio host, manager, music curator, and concert promoter. With so many titles and positions you can only wonder […]