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Therapy in Abstract Art Walkthrough

Therapy in Abstract Art Walkthrough

Sometimes the most therapeutic thing can be to grab a paintbrush and throw on some loud music. Art doesn’t always have to look good to everyone. That’s why abstract is one of my favorite types of art. Today I’m going to show you the first random abstract multi-canvas I had ever done.

Wu-Tang Clan Logo Canvas

How to Make a Personalized Memorial Canvas

Today I will show you how I replicated the infamous Wu-Tang Clan logo with my added personal touch. In these pictures you’ll see it was fairly easy to do, however when painting what needs to be a straight line I find that using paint tape is always key. I find it best to start with […]

Color Blend Canvas in Three Steps

How To Make a Color Blend Canvas in Three Steps

If there’s one kind of canvas I love to create, it’s a color blend. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it always comes out great. The best part is aside from your usual items, all you need is water in a spray bottle! Gather all your items & keep them close if you’re using acrylic paints […]