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9 Must-Have Productivity Apps

9 Must-Have Productivity Apps

Every where we turn we run into a distraction. Our precious time shouldn’t be wasted with these simple distractions such as having too many options on note taking, having temptation to browse the web, or just being unorganized, and letting time slip by without a way to track it. These 9 must-have productivity apps will […]

9 Books Ever Entrepreneur Should Read

9 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

As an entrepreneur you should never stop learning (I’ve told you guys this before) and one way of doing that is by reading books. Every time I pick up a book I learn something new! Even if I have read it before, there is always something I didn’t pick up the previous time. Below, I share 9 […]

Getting Started: Making Websites

Getting Started: Tools For Web Design

The growing phenomenon of the internet isn’t slowing down any time soon – there are over one billion websites in existence. What about you? Have you ever wanted to build a website yourself? Whether it’s your blog, your business, or the next big social network, you’ll need some tools to help you do just that! […]

Windows Phone App Roundup

A Look at Social Media Apps on Windows Phone (Part 1)

Until recently Windows Phone lacked some pretty important applications such as; Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. However the independent development community for Windows Phone wowed users with incredibly beautiful designed works of art. Some of these apps are even better than the official ones. I picked some of the most popular social media apps on Windows […]

iOS App Recommendations

7 iOS Apps That Make Designing Easier

Working as web & graphic designers nowadays is a whole lot easier than when I started in my early teens. The original iPhone wasn’t even a thought yet and the closest thing we had to any of the iOS apps you’ll find below is whatever was built into our code and graphics editors (which wasn’t […]