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How To Pick Your Lead Single

How To Pick Your Lead Single

With anything in life you always want to put your best foot forward, first. The same can be said for an artist, specifically musicians. When you’re crafting a project, standard procedure is to give your audience a little taste of what’s to come before the entire offering. These musical offerings are referred to as singles. […]

How To Create A New York Knicks NBA Poster

How To Create A New York Knicks NBA Poster

I’m about to give a breakdown of this New York Knicks/Carmelo Anthony picture from its conception in my head to its final production on paper. There’s more pre-planning than anything else going on when it comes to making these collages. Here’s the breakdown of my New York Knicks NBA Poster.

Production with Logic Pro X

A Quick Start Guide to Production with Logic Pro X

While it looks pretty basic for power users used to other digital audio workstations, Logic Pro X is a pretty intimidating piece of software for new users. However, once you familiarize yourself with the layout you’ll realize how easily extensive Logic really is. In this quick start guide to production with Logic Pro X, I […]

Easily Make Custom Stencils

How to Easily Make Custom Stencils

Sometimes art can be nerve-wracking. Like when your friend gives you a mailbox to stencil and you’ve never stenciled on something that cost money before. Here’s a tutorial and some tips on making your own custom stencil!

Wu-Tang Clan Logo Canvas

How to Make a Personalized Memorial Canvas

Today I will show you how I replicated the infamous Wu-Tang Clan logo with my added personal touch. In these pictures you’ll see it was fairly easy to do, however when painting what needs to be a straight line I find that using paint tape is always key. I find it best to start with […]

Color Blend Canvas in Three Steps

How To Make a Color Blend Canvas in Three Steps

If there’s one kind of canvas I love to create, it’s a color blend. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it always comes out great. The best part is aside from your usual items, all you need is water in a spray bottle! Gather all your items & keep them close if you’re using acrylic paints […]