Weekly Roundup: New Council Member, Artist Spotlight, Nets vs Raptors, & Taco

Introducing the Weekly Roundup, our newest series where we recap the hottest content of the past week. This week was an explosive way to kick off August where we introduced a new member to our team, featured a local tattoo artist, saw the progression of a hand-drawn poster, and reviewed a web service called Taco.

We Have a New Addition: Jermarco Britton

Newest ThinkDope Council Member: Jermarco Britton

We kicked off the first full week of August with our major announcement of a new Council member, Jermarco Britton. We introduced him to our viewers and showed them some of his musical talents and accomplishments.

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Artist Spotlight: Tattoo Artist Amalia Wendell

Artist Spotlight: Tattoo Artist Amalia Wendell

This month’s Artist Spotlight featured a local Long Island tattoo artist with an incredible portfolio. It’s no surprise that she owns her own shop that gets booked out on the regular!

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Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors in This Hand-drawn Poster

Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors by Royce Williams

In this feature we took a look at the progression of an amazing hand-drawn posters, which pits Brooklyn vs Toronto in the NBA playoffs all over again.

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Who Knew a Taco Could Change Your Productivity? [Review]

Taco - Unified Task List App

We took off in our first full-length review on ThinkDope and detailed our experience with Taco, a web app aimed to unify all of your task lists. We even had some great advice to make it more useful!

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Weekly Roundup is our weekly episodic recap of the hottest ThinkDope features from the past week.

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