Artist Watchlist: Winston Scully, Designer

Winston Scully is a designer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a talent to create beautiful typography and lettering. This young designer is dedicated to his art and possesses the perfect qualities to be a part of our Artist Watchlist.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a huge obsession with type. I mean who doesn’t!? So seeing Winston’s lettering on his Instagram drew me in. Instead of trying to explain it, I’ll just show you some of his work.

I have to say that my favorite piece is the lettering he did for the Imperial Pencil Co. Winston knew the end-product and fit the lettering to match the brand so perfectly. It’s how perfect projects are done.

Winston Scully like most designers (myself included) explored his creativity in all different art forms like music, photography, and building stuff (like Legos), but when exposed to graphic design he knew it was something he wanted to pursue. Thanks to Instagram and a typography class he found himself involved with creating beautiful lettering himself.

When speaking with Winston I asked him what his goal with art and design is, here is what he told me;

Artistically, I want to be able to create and inspire others. I love the platform that lettering gives me to engage people. This has led to me starting a blog on my site in the past two months. I’ve gotten a great response, and it’s given an even better platform to share my ideas. I really don’t plan on stopping, and I hope to evolve it into something more engaging in the future.

Professionally, my goal is to be an independent letterer/logotype designer. I want to be able to create physical products that inspire people, along with materials that help people acquire the skills they need to be successful at what they do. I’m obviously fairly new to this field, so I feel that the voice of a fresh recruit will help others overcome their fears and pursue what they love.Winston Scully

I must say I really admire his passion to help inspire others – it’s what art is all about! Winston is well on his way to squashing his goals. You can see more of his work on his portfolio and Instagram.

What do you think about Winston Scully’s work? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Artist Watchlist is a series in which we profile the work of young, aspiring artists in various fields. In other words these are artists you need to watch!

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