TweetFull: How I Gained 1000 Real Twitter Followers in a Month

I don’t need to tell you how valuable Twitter is as a tool for marketing your business and brand. Having a huge following is a must, so I welcome any service that helps grow my followers count with real people. This is my experience with TweetFull, which helped me gain about 1000 real Twitter followers.

Reading BlindApeSEO, I was introduced to a new service called TweetFull, who’s slogan is “Get high quality relevant traffic from Twitter”. I didn’t think of it as a traffic acquisition service, I thought of it as a way to increase engagement on Twitter. In a nutshell, TweetFull will retweet and favorite others’ tweets on your behalf based on keywords you feed it – automatically or you can choose to approve them.

Getting Started with TweetFull

With the goal of increasing Twitter engagement in my mind I logged into my Twitter account and began to set up my “Promotions”.

TweetFull: How I Gained 1000 Real Twitter Followers in a Month
TweetFull: Configuring Promotions

I set TweetFull to favorite mentions of “CrazyPellas” with a “Positive” score between 10 and 100, and I set to retweet mentions with a “Positive” score between 50 and 100. I have set all my other keywords to only favorite tweets.

The keywords I chose to watch included my brand and high traffic keywords relating to music (because that’s what my brand is). To find high traffic keywords:

  • Open a new browser window.
  • Open Twitter Search in a few tabs.
  • Search for your keywords in each tab.
  • Keep an eye on the tab titles to see which search terms have a lot of new tweets appearing.

After you have found your high traffic keywords copy them over to TweetFull and “Configure Your Promotions”. When I started using TweetFull, the user interface was very basic with only a few options, but thankfully they have updated it and it is now more modern and user-friendly.

You can now set:

  • Keywords
  • Exact Phrase
  • Exclude Keywords
  • Hashtags
  • Language
  • Sentiment
  • Action per Sentiment Score
  • Action Limits
  • Location of Tweet origin

You can also set it to exclude tweets with links and retweets and only retweet/favorite tweets from people with over a certain Klout score.

As with any automation you need to be careful that you’re only favoriting and retweeting tweets that you actually want to, there are plenty examples online of where automation has gone wrong. However, TweetFull helps reduce these fails to an extent by giving you the option of only doing actions for “Positive”, “Negative”, and “Neutral” tweets, but it’s not foolproof and you should keep an eye on your “Activity” page where you can view and export to CSV everything that TweetFull has done with your account.

I set my “Promotions” up with only “Positive” and “Neutral” sentiments as I don’t believe it’s good practice to favorite or retweet something that’s ever considered negative, but I’m sure it has its uses for some people.

Action limits is a setting that you’ll want to pay close attention to because if you set it up wrong you could find your Twitter account being rate-limited or even suspended. If you have a new Twitter account I recommend starting with the fewest actions possible and building up to more and more, if your account is older then you may get away with more.

TweetFull: How I Gained 1000 Real Twitter Followers in a Month - TweetFull Activity
TweetFull: Activity

Important: As TweetFull does these actions you’ll get people thanking you, it is important that you don’t ignore them! Convert them to let them know there is a real person behind your tweets and actions.


This article would be useless without any statistics. Here are some screenshots from Twitter Analytics as I was only interested in increasing engagement on Twitter.


TweetFull: How I Gained 1000 Real Twitter Followers in a Month - TweetFull Stats
@CrazyPellas Statistics: Followers

When I started using TweetFull I had 2339 Followers, today I have 3116 Followers. Whilst this isn’t quite 1000 as the article title states, it hasn’t been a full month and I fully expect to reach or bypass 3339 Followers in the next few days, which will have been a full month.


TweetFull: How I Gained 1000 Real Twitter Followers in a Month - TweetFull Impressions
@CrazyPellas Statistics: Impressions

This screenshot indicates that my tweets have had an increase of 180% more views over the past 28 days. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to directly compare the previous 28 days so we’ll just need to go by what Twitter is showing us. If anyone knows how to see Twitter Analytics history please let me know in the comments!


TweetFull: How I Gained 1000 Real Twitter Followers in a Month - TweetFull Engagements
@CrazyPellas Statistics: Engagements

As you can see the following are my statistics over the previous 28 days;

  • Retweets are up 269%
  • Favorites are up 156%
  • Replies are up by 2522%

This shows that TweetFull is an excellent service to use if you want to increase your Twitter engagement!

Summarizing How I Did It

  • Sign up with TweetFull.
  • Set up “Promotions” using high traffic keywords.
  • Engage with those who thank you.

One last thing to note is that you can end up with thousands of Favorites on your profile page, some people may figure out that you’ve automated them. I use Unfavinator + iMacros to remove favorites after their has been a build up.


TweetFull comes with a 30 days free trial and then the price ranges from $10/month to $30/month, each plan with varying number of “Promotions” you can set up. Though try it like I have and I don’t think you’ll have a problem paying for it!

Have you tried TweetFull? Did you also gain 1000 real Twitter followers? Let me know how you like it in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you for the article Lain. We are adding more features to TweetFull that will obviate the need for external tools going forward.

    – Dinesh

  2. I believe that is done tweetfull at first.
    but after I finished using trial and start upgrading a few weeks later I get a remarkable thing. THEY DO NOT DO ACTIVITY AGAIN ON MY TWITTER. Besides customer servie not answer all my complaints about the incident. So I can conclude I have been cheated by the tweetfull


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