A Look at Social Media Apps on Windows Phone (Part 1)

Until recently Windows Phone lacked some pretty important applications such as; Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. However the independent development community for Windows Phone wowed users with incredibly beautiful designed works of art. Some of these apps are even better than the official ones. I picked some of the most popular social media apps on Windows Phone so I can tell you which alternatives are the best in this two part mini-series.


myTube – Free Trial or $0.99

myTube Windows Phone App

myTube seems to have it all; a beautiful interface and more features then you could ever need. The videos play in glorious HD and you even have the option to just play the audio (which works under the WP8 lockscreen). A neat feature is the ability to watch video in the background while browsing YouTube such as reading comments or even looking for a new video. As a freemium myTube allows you two watch 1 hour of video every 3 or pay $0.99 for an unlimited version. myTube is my daily use YouTube client and my top recommendation for you.

Metrotube – Free or $0.99 (Optional Developer Support)

Metrotube on Windows Phone
Metrotube Windows Phone App

Metrotube is another great youtube client for windows phone. It has a nice and clean, design although it bothers me that you have to scroll to view the entire welcome screen. Managing your youtube account isn’t as seamless as it should be; but forgivable because of great features like the ability to download videos. Besides a few minor issue Metrotube is a great alternative. It’s a free to use unlimited trial, but if you like it you can (and should) buy it to support the developer.

YouTube (by Microsoft) – Free

YouTube on Windows Phone
YouTube Windows Phone App

If you go into the Windows Phone Marketplace and download the YouTube app, which is made by Microsoft instead of Google, you will surely be surprised. The first thing you’ll notice is the app is just an icon that redirects you to the mobile version of YouTube’s website. To make matters worse when playing videos in the browser they don’t have that crisp HD look they have on other mobile operating systems.


Twitter (Official) – Free

Twitter on Windows Phone
Twitter Windows Phone App

Twitter’s own app happens to be the best one out right now for Windows Phone. It’s easy to navigate, easy to switch accounts, and easy to edit your profile. The big easy to use icons for navigation work flawlessly, your timeline is clean, and all the tweets are uncluttered and easy to read. Twitter made it’s official app the best to use and the best part is you get it all for free.

Peregrine – Free

Peregrine on Windows Phone
Peregrine Windows Phone App

Peregrine is a powerful Twitter app for WP8 with great features such as the ability to see what’s trending. I just have one big issue with it, the design is unattractive. If they included the ability to customize the colors to something with a little less contrast that would be great. Currently with the white text on a black background I find Peregrine not as good as the competition.

Tweet It! – $2.99

Tweet It! on Windows Phone
Tweet It! Windows Phone App

Tweet It!, much like Peregrine, uses the high-contrast white text and black background theme, which I find hideous. What Tweet It! does do right is their user interface with beautiful navigation icons, as well as the circular profile pictures. Unfortunately without any stand-out features, a not so great design choice, and a penny less than 3 dollar price point, it’s safe to say Tweet It! isn’t the killer Twitter experience you want.


6tag – Free

6tag on Windows Phone
6tag Windows Phone App

6tag is my go-to Instagram client and with a clean layout that I love so much. This makes navigation quick and easy, and a pleasure to view and explore other user’s photos. I like how 6tag makes uploading both photos and videos a seamless experience. I wholeheartedly recommend 6tag and believe it’s the best Instagram experience.

Instagram (Beta) – Free

Instagram (Beta) on Windows Phone
Instagram (Beta) Windows Phone App

The official Instagram app for Windows Phone is still in beta, which is good because there is room for improvement. While the navigation is seamless, I find the homescreen is cluttered from comments being shown below the picture (as opposed to a click-to-see method). Also the ability to upload video is missing which kind of blows. Overall not a bad Instagram experience for free but so is 6tag, which is better.

Instance – Free or $1.49 (Optional Ad-Free)

Instance on Windows Phone
Instance Windows Phone App

Instance is not a bad app, it just lacks features to keep up with the competition. It has that easy to use design that I’m fond off, but thats where the greatness ends. Instance lacks the video upload capability and does little to differentiate itself from others. There is an alternative version which appears to be for developer support (no ads), but I can’t recommend it when there’s better alternatives for free.


6sec – Free

6sec on Windows Phone
6sec Windows Phone App

6sec is another great app by the developer who made 6tag, Rudy Huyn, that delivers with an elegant design with genius use of gestures such as the ability to swipe on a vine to reveal the comment, revine, download, and like buttons. Of course you could always just double tap a vine to like it. It’s a little inconvenient to reach the explorer to find new vines, but it only means two tap which is a small trade off for the cleanliness of the design. 6sec is a fine (fine like arts or dining) Vine application and is well worth the asking price, which is free.

Vine (Official) – Free

Vine on Windows Phone
Vine Windows Phone App

Vine provides it’s users with a fantastic experience in their app. It’s easy to use and finding new vines by category is a pleasure. It’s a little cluttered on the screen since they tried fitting as much information under each vine as possible like the number of revines and likes, hashtags, as well as the basic buttons to say like the vine. It’s not a bad experience but Vine could benefit from some of 6sec’s elements.

There is no lack of support in the Windows Phone community, and this has turned out some incredible third party applications. Whether giving us enhanced features in myTube or a better design and layout in 6tag and 6sec, interacting with social media has never been easier on Windows Phones. Tell us what some of your favorite Windows Phone social media apps are in the comments!

I originally did have Pinterest app recommendations, however it seems as two of the three were pulled from the Windows Phone Marketplace right before this article went live. I’ll now be including them in Part 2, along with other social media app recommendations next month.

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