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Garett Southerton is not only the founder of ThinkDope, but also Desoulbel, his design and recording studio. With so much going on it’s amazing how he focused his time to build this platform for aspiring creatives. Let’s take a look at Garett in this exclusive interview!

How did you happen to get into both the music and design industries?

To make a really long story short; from the time I got my first computer I taught myself coding as a challenge. When I wanted to make music I started using my coding skills to fund it. Shortly after I realized I was more in love with my coding skills and explored more into design. From websites to logos and the theory behind it all, it intrigues me so much to learn my craft. I eventually picked back up my love affair with music, except the challenge to sonically craft it behind the scenes was much more appealing to me. The two fields go hand-in-hand when it comes to succeeding in the music industry, I just felt like it was the perfect opportunity to do both by creating Desoulbel.

Out of all the design and music services you offer your clients at Desoulbel what happens to be your favorite to do?

That’s a hard question. I don’t really have a set favorite, but I go through phases where I want to do nothing but a certain type of project. Lately I’ve been in a phase to do flyers and posters, I love to see my work printed. I have tons of pictures I really should start sharing on my Desoulbel feed.

What exactly is Desoulbel? Is it your studio?

Well yes and no. Desoulbel started as just the name of my studio, but it has become so much more than that. While it’s the correct term, I think calling it just a studio is limiting. To be honest Desoulbel is me in brand form; where I freelance through, how I group my projects, how I signify my mark on something. I’m in the beginning stages of evolving Desoulbel conceptually.

It sounds as if you have a lot more planned for Desoulbel. Where do you find the inspiration to keep creating and evolving?

The motivation and drive I have comes from the way I was raised; if you want something, take it. No one is going to place me where I want to be or offer me their creative empire, I have to build it myself brick by brick. Creatively I gather inspiration from everything I can grasp; music, fine art, architecture, a pattern on wallpaper, the flowers in my yard, etc.

What does you workspace look like?

I primarily work inside of my studio with all of the gadgets and equipment I could ever need. If it’s a nice day and the type of work I’m doing permits it, I love to take my Macbook and work outside with the birds chirping.

As someone who is striving to make a difference in your field what is the best advice you can give aspiring creatives?

Let go of your worries, excuses, and fears – just create with nothing in your mind but what you envision the end product to be. If it doesn’t come out like your vision then learn how to accomplish what you want. Keep creating and educating yourself to move to the next level!

What was the reason behind creating ThinkDope?

I truly believe art can bring people together in a positive way. Whether you’re enjoying art or creating it you’ve felt the effect art can have. I want to bring that feeling to everyone in future generations. I want to help aspiring creators get started, existing creators get inspired, and everyone to create! ThinkDope is the platform to do just that!

It sounds like art is a very big part of your life. What exactly does art mean to you?

Art means the world to me and it’s a big part of what made me who I am. Art is everything from the music that puts a smile on my face and the apps I use on my phone. Without art I would [probably] be a sad, angry troll who only comes out to cause chaos and destruction.

As you progress through your career in design and music are there any other fields you want to get into as well?

This will catch people off guard – I want to get into fashion. Not the crazy Kanye West fashion. I want to get into silkscreening my own designs on apparel and having a New Era x Desoulbel collaboration fitted/snapback release. I definitely think I’ll get into it, it’s only a matter of time.

Thanks for your time, is there anything else you’d like to say?

Big thanks to the rest of the team for believing in my idea and all of the people who have submitted art and supported ThinkDope thus far!

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