Meet Ken Walsh, Writer & Entrepreneur

Ken Walsh is an upcoming producer and writer with entrepreneurial experience. Aside from enjoying hip hop, making beats, technology, and gaming, Ken loves talking about them just as much. We caught up with Ken to see where he’s headed and why he joined ThinkDope.

Where did your love for music and technology come from?

I was born in the ’90s so I grew up with the Internet and naturally I just always loved technology. Funny enough my love for technology brought me my passion for hip hop. One of my sister’s friends knew that I’m good with computers and asked me to burn him a CD for his Walkman. Of course being young and curious I kept the songs and listened to them, this was the first time I’ve ever heard of Eminem.

Is that your primary focus of writing? What other things do you like to write about?

Music and technology are my biggest passions, however I do have other interests. I recently been obsessed with vaping. Vaping is basically the heating of a Vegetable Glycerin liquid that’s mixed with flavoring and nicotine (I’m a fan of the zero nicotine variety). I like the flavors and the vapor looks cool. You’d be surprised by the massive community that has sprung up around vaping, I could start an entire blog around that.

Where is your favorite place to work? Why?

Anywhere out of the house that’s quiet. My backyard is nice because I have the nature around me and that just gives me a different kind of vibe. You get some sunlight and a cool breeze – it’s really nice. When it comes to writing, I personally like to be isolated, going to a public place such as a library or café alone is nice as most of the time you won’t be bothered.

What is your biggest inspiration to keep striving and learning your craft?

I just want to be a leader. I love the thought of me being able to help someone accomplish their goals. By mastering my craft I can do that, by teaching others how I have achieved success. The thought of being able to share the knowledge I gain is inspiration enough to keep me going.

Out of all the council members, you’re the newest upcoming in your field. What do you hope to conquer?

A lot of the time when starting out people say they want to be the next, Mark Zuckerburg or Dr.Dre. I don’t want to be them, I want to be me. I hope to lead – to have people turn to me for help and inspiration. I want to conquer the ability to help.

As an entrepreneur you like to jump into businesses. What industries are you looking into create a business in next?

I have a million interests and I know if enough thought is given to each one I can create a lucrative business out of them all. Right know I have been keeping a close eye on wearable tech, as well as renewable energy.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

So much advice has been given to me, and so much of that advice is useful. “Don’t worry what others think”, “learn from your mistakes”, “accept failure”. All of that is great advice, but the best advice I have ever been given is “don’t be afraid to try”. That advice as an entrepreneur is irreplaceable.

Art affects everyone so differently, what does art mean to you?

Some people find happiness in using their senses to enjoy art. I find happiness in creating, sharing, and exploring art. Art to me means happiness.

What made you become apart of ThinkDope?

I love to create and I love the thought of being able to share my knowledge. ThinkDope allows me to do just that. ThinkDope gives me that inspiration to continue learning and creating because the more I do those two things, the more I knowledge I have to share. The more knowledge I have to share, the happier I am.

Thanks for your time, is there anything else you’d like to say?

You came to ThinkDope because you love some form of art and you were seeking inspiration or knowledge, I want to thank you for using our resources to help you. If you a suggestion feel free to drop a comment on any post here, or add us on your favorite social media sites, or even email us.

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