Coffee Time with a side of Amazing Typography

What’s better than a coffee break!? A fresh brew of typography done by Rob Draper, an amazing designer and typographer from the UK. His Coffee Time project takes plain-old-coffee cups and turns them into works of descriptive art.

Rob has such craftmanship and detail in his work, it’s breathetaking to anyone who appreciates good type. My favorite part of Coffee Time is the thought that goes into each cup. Rob thinks of a specific style and slogan for each piece that you can tell is done with heart. There is no way I could pick a single piece from the project, they’re all unique and awesome. Here’s what Rob told me about Coffee Time;

I started making the pieces as I have always been fascinated with the contrast of creating something of great detail on something so disposable and valueless. I really like the juxtaposition of the lettering itself, which I hope is beautiful, and the materials used which are disposable, everyday objects. Some of the items I draw on I take away and keep, some I deliberately leave behind in the hope that someone will stumble upon it and take it with them to cherish and look after.Rob Draper

Rob truly is a talented and inspiring artist. I only wish I could find such an invaluable gift from Rob Draper accross the pond. You can check out his official Coffee Time page over at his portfolio or follow him on Instagram.

What do you think of Rob Draper’s Coffee Time project? Send your thoughts in the comments below.

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