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How To Create A New York Knicks NBA Poster

How To Create A New York Knicks NBA Poster

I’m about to give a breakdown of this New York Knicks/Carmelo Anthony picture from its conception in my head to its final production on paper. There’s more pre-planning than anything else going on when it comes to making these collages. Here’s the breakdown of my New York Knicks NBA Poster.

Meet The Council: Royce Williams, Traditional Artist

Meet Royce Williams, Traditional Artist

Royce Williams is an amazing artist from Canada that recently became a part of our Council. In fact Royce is such a talented artist that we featured one of his pieces last August. We know Royce will be adding tons of value to ThinkDope over the next few months and we’d like to introduce you […]

Artist Watchlist: Otiswoods, Artist

Artist Watchlist: Otiswoods, Artist

Alex Gonzalez, known artistically as Otiswoods, is a 23 year old artist from Los Angeles that is driven by his passion for art. Influenced by his endless hours of cartoons (Saturday morning cartoons anyone!?) comes his beautiful abstract art. His passion and skill has lead him to being the latest entry in our Artist Watchlist […]

Montana Marker Mini-Review

Montana Marker Mini-Review & Test Drawing

I’ve wanted to try Montana Markers for so long now. I always use Sharpie Paint Pens, and those work great but none the less, I finally got my hands on some Montana Markers. One of my coworkers happened to have her plain pink tablet case with her and was kind enough to let me decorate […]

Blending With PrismaColor Pencils

How To Blend With PrismaColor Pencils

In this tutorial I will walk you through blending with PrismaColor pencils. Personally, I only use PrismaColor pencils. They can be a little pricey but they’re definitely worth the cost – they’re my goto product for blending colors.