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7 Websites To Help You With Indie Music Discovery

7 Websites To Help You With Indie Music Discovery

Recently we launched Digital Digging, a new series dedicated to finding the hidden music gems on the Internet. I learned finding great new music is not a difficult task, but perhaps a bit time consuming. Especially with all of the conventional mainstream methods, pumping the hottest music of the moment straight to your mobile devices […]

9 Books Ever Entrepreneur Should Read

9 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

As an entrepreneur you should never stop learning (I’ve told you guys this before) and one way of doing that is by reading books. Every time I pick up a book I learn something new! Even if I have read it before, there is always something I didn’t pick up the previous time. Below, I share 9 […]

9 Industry Defining Video Games

With a plethora of games being published each year, video games have grown into a massive industry. However many games go unnoticed, overshadowed by the years biggest blockbusters of proven franchises. Many of these franchises are good, but stick to the same old formula. Once in a while a standout game slips out and ends up […]